This is the first day that I feel like my life is excepting CHANGE.

A new chapter…and the first of many.

Every other chapter of this life as “me” has come together relying on each other to create my “now”. A balancing act of good / bad.

This “now” includes a combination of spiritual curiosity, creative energy trying to find it’s outlet and love…

Not just love, but PASSION so big for everything…that it can’t be understood. Only felt.

Expressed in the form of constant ideas, visions and creations, that can only be the path’s beginning.

But where is the destination of this path?

Is it a state of mind?

A state that combines all areas of life and CREATIVITY…and applies them?!

Setting goals…does that limit the possibilities of this successful path? Or does it open new doors of possibilities?

How can this destination be enjoyed to the fullest? Including the journey…as short or long as it may be.

My Yogi green tea this morning read “Your greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give”.

I would like to give something to make a difference in the this world. A dose of LOVE expressed by colour and design.

Slowly, step by step…I realize it may be through a global message.


What is KLOUD12.COM? That is what I am still trying to figure out.